Library hours are from 3-7PM every Thursday and 12-4PM every Saturday. If you need special accommodations for picking up or returning books outside of these hours please do not hesitate to ask.

We ask that new members who can afford to please consider a $3 monthly subscription or a one-time donation to support the space. No one will be denied access to the library for lack of funds. This donation will help us maintain subscriptions to independent publishers, will help secure requested titles and keep our circulation current, and will help cover cost of materials for library cards and printing materials.

To view our online catalog, go to and then once you log in to your account request access to If you don’t see a title that you think would fit well with our catalog, please send a request to All members will receive a library card upon their first check out.


For book donations go, please try to bring in books that are in good shape and relevant to our scope (radical politics, DIY, Local, etc), and yes fiction is great too. We may not accept all donations. However, we will try to sell those that we can at Bookman’s for store credit to purchase requested titles. For all other donation inquiries please message