Who We Are

The BCC is a space for like-minded people who share a similar vision of the future. We want a future where people aren’t unwillingly sleeping on the streets while many homes sit vacant. A future where the surplus food is shared, not thrown away. A future that is built by our reliance on each other, by attempting to hold something in common, not one built by competition and exploitation. We want a future where anyone can build their own life, their own vision, through their own autonomy and self determination.

We work towards this future by striving to understand our communities needs. Through the guiding principles of consent, collaboration, harm reduction, and autonomy we hope to build our capacities to support individual and collective needs for health, stability, comfort, joy and knowledge. We understand that each individual has individual needs but we also understand there is a collective aspect to every individual, to every need. We hope to foster this collectivity in every encounter, through connecting and expanding networks of care and support and resource outside of our space, linking up with other projects new and old. We also share a vision of bringing people together through art, music, creativity and workshops and desire to make these things accessible, fun, and welcoming. We desire a space that is appealing and exciting for people of many backgrounds and experiences and we hope to foster relationships here that can overcome intolerance, hierarchy, and bigotry in all its forms. To this end we also wish to resolve conflicts and hope to ultimately transform our ways of relating to each other through talking, living, and sharing together, even when that is messy and hard.

There are several independent projects housed at the BCC.

The Tucson Food Share

Tucson Food Share is a collective effort by and for Tucsonians to share life-giving resources amongst ourselves, without dependence upon government or corporate support. This is an entirely volunteer-run project that relies upon the labor and donations of countless participants to function. We operate by the principles of mutual aid, distributing food and other necessities without judgment to anyone who asks. We seek to make resources accessible, prioritizing the needs of our neighbors who are forgotten, ignored, and exploited by those in power. Through this process, we are creating and strengthening community bonds that empower a collective resilience through relationships of trust and care. It’s a practice that fills the heart and soul as much as it fills the belly!

The BCC Library

The BCC Library is a radical leftist library housed in the west wing of the BCC. Our catalog can be viewed online and we have library hours every Thursday from 2-6PM.

We ask that new members who can afford to please consider a $3 monthly subscription or a one-time donation to support the space. No one will be denied access to the library for lack of funds. This donation will help us maintain subscriptions to independent publishers, will help secure requested titles and keep our circulation current, and will help cover cost of materials for library cards and printing materials.

To view our online catalog, go to https://librarika.com/users/register and then once you log in to your account request access to https://bcclibrary.librarika.com. If you don’t see a title that you think would fit well with our catalog, please send a request to info@bcctucson.org. All members will receive a library card upon their first check out.

Covid policy: We have spaced seating inside but will not have more than 6 people in the west wing of the BCC at once. There will be outside seating for people waiting to enter and for people who would like to socialize. We will provide light refreshments for people to enjoy outside. Masks required, hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray provided.

Perilous Chronicle

Perilous is a project supported by a network of people—including you—who seek to gather and track information on prison uprisings, riots, protests, strikes, and other disturbances within public and private jails, prisons, and detention centers in the US and Canada. In this process, we rely on crowdsourced information in addition to local news outlets and our own reporting. Concerted rebellion by prisoners has occurred throughout the history of incarceration, including a powerful uptick during the Prisoner Rights Movement of the 1960s and 70s in the US. Our timeline begins with the December 2010 Georgia prison work stoppage and therefore excludes much of this history. Since 2010, we have seen a steadily rising wave of prison rebellion which we believe constitutes a nation-wide social movement (similar to the Occupy movement or the Black Lives Matter movement). Our goal is to track this movement comprehensively. Specifically, we track any disturbance within a jail, prison, or detention center since December of 2010 in the US or Canada that occurs as a result of the agency of multiple incarcerated people acting in concert in response to their confinement or the conditions thereof.

Keeling Mutual Aid

Keeling Mutual Aid delivers free groceries, pet food and hygiene products to anyone in need in the Keeling neighborhood of Tucson, AZ. If you live in the Keeling neighborhood and you need these things, you can call or text our hotline at (520) 261-3817.

Tucson Anarchist Black Cross

Tucson Anarchist Black Cross is a mutual aid group supporting prisoners in Arizona. We hope to provide aid and encouragement to those inside prison walls fighting oppression, through letter writing campaigns and advocating for the interests of prisoners. We aim to connect their struggle to ongoing movements for freedom outside prison.

The Jewish Zine Archive

An ongoing archival project for zines created by Jewish artists & writers.

A Small Collective Print Studio