Who We Are

The Blacklidge Community Collective is a space for like-minded people who share a similar vision of the future. We want a future where people aren’t unwillingly sleeping on the streets while many homes sit vacant. A future where the surplus food is shared, not thrown away. A future that is built by our reliance on eachother, by attempting to hold something in common, not one built by competition and exploitation. We want a future where anyone can build their own life, their own vision, through their own autonomy and self determination.

We work towards this future by striving to understand our communities needs. Through the guiding principles of consent, collaboration, harm reduction, and autonomy we hope to build our capacities to support individual and collective needs for health, stability, comfort, joy and knowledge. We understand that each individual has individual needs but we also understand there is a collective aspect to every individual, to every need. We hope to foster this collectivity in every encounter, through connecting and expanding networks of care and support and resource outside of our space, linking up with other projects new and old. We also share a vision of bringing people together through art, music, creativity and workshops and desire to make these things accessible, fun, and welcoming. We desire a space that is appealing and exciting for people of many backgrounds and experiences and we hope to foster relationships here that can overcome intolerance, hierarchy, and bigotry in all its forms. To this end we also wish to resolve conflicts and hope to ultimately transform our ways of relating to eachother through talking, living, and sharing together, even when that is messy and hard.

What We Do

We host open hours every day in which we distribute harm reduction supplies, food, water, caffeine, first aid kits, and hygiene products. Anyone is allowed to come in to the space where they can choose to read something from our free library and zine collections, rest, have some coffee and a snack, access the internet, use our public restroom, or just hangout and chat. In hours outside of open hours we host punk shows, poetry readings, support groups, reading groups, coffee and tea socials, spanish classes, art shows, community organizing meetings, game nights, presentations, and much more. If you have questions about accessing this space or would like to get involved please contact us!